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I could tell it was a fake Louis Vuitton bag

fake louis vitton bag

I recently had the pleasure of being gifted a fake Louis Vuitton bag. It was like a dream come true! I had always looked up to this iconic brand, and was overjoyed to finally own something that looked so luxurious. When I propped up my Louis Vuitton bag, I couldn’t help but to feel overjoyed.

At first glance it looks just like the real thing. All my friends praised me for it – and they all assumed it was real. The craftsmanship of the bag and all of its minor details gave off a very authentic feel and quality. The hardware was bright and carefully cut and not overly ornate or busy. The monogram canvas wasn’t yellow-y or completely dull and blurry, as is usually the case with counterfeits.

The fabric felt amazing. It was hefty, with a thick, bulky canvas from the outside that was also consistent inside. There was no difference in the quality at any point. The Zipper was a golden zipper that didn’t feel cheap and skip when I tugged on it.

I could tell it was a fake Louis Vuitton bag, as it just did not feel the same as their other products. It felt like a quality knock-off. The leather handle didn’t feel as strong and thick, as the original. When I took it for a walk, I didn’t feel the safety of it being Water-resistent.

But even with this being said, I still enjoyed carrying around my fake Louis Vuitton bag. I felt stylish when I went out, and it always made me feel confident. And even me being aware that it was a fake, people were still very impressed with it. It made me feel like I had made an actual smart purchase.

I was told that fake Louis Vuitton bags are getting better in quality, like this one I have. A lot of counterfeits are made nowadays to fool us, but their prices are just a fraction of the original item. And sometimes, you really just need something that looks and feels good without having to break the bank.

It is in these cases, where I’d opt for a fake Louis Vuitton bag. But either way, being true to yourself and knowing what you purchase is ultimately the most important thing. It’s okay to buy replicas, as long as you’re aware of what you’re buying.

Though, to me, the biggest takeaway I had from my fake Louis Vuitton bag was realizing how much I valued my own opinion. Besides not breaking the bank to purchase a designer item, I had freed myself from feeling like I needed to stick to the ‘normal’ route and succumb to the social pressure of carrying an authentic luxury bag. I was the only one who[……]

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